I have been working on a project with a couple of partners, to hopefully create a little additional security for individuals. The problem that we analyzed is that when people get Insurance, or create a family trust, they are told to document all of their assets. Take photos or video of the items in their home and then store them. Usually the only time that that documentation is used is in the event of a disaster, ie: The Wild Fires in California, or Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. If that documentation (pictures/video) are stored like most people store them they will either be a molten pile of goop, or float away with the flood, etc. Even those that store their information in a fireproof safe may still find it a pile of goop if the fire is hot enough. Have I painted a vivid enough picture for you?

People every day find themselves without the ability to easily produce that documentation, and may not get their assets replaced by their insurance company, because they cannot prove the exact assets that they owned.

Treasurebox is built to provide a safe secure online storage location for that documentation, very accessible, and easy to use. The MooTools framework and extentions to it are used extensively to increase the usability of the product.

The initial release is currently in public beta. I would love any readers to sign up (No Credit Card or billing information required) and leave some comments here about your thoughts.

Asset documentation just got easy

Twenty Cent Productions, LLC

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