Social Crowd gets some More Updates

On the heels of a major Social Crowd plugin update last week we have a new release to increase the capabilities of this remarkable little plugin. One of the most frequently requested networks for addition to Social Crowd, was the Linked In Business Social Network. And after reviewing copious amounts of documentation we found an easy way to add support for that network. So that’s about it folks, you can now show off the number of Connections that you have made with the Linked In Network right on your WordPress homepage or sidebar. But we should note that the nature of this addition... Read More

Javascript Lightbox Clone Ultimate Roundup (49+)

When I say Lightbox the word may conjour up many different images in your mind. You may imagine a white highly lit background to photograph objects on. Perhaps even a literal box with a light in it like those pictured to the left (Gus Modern Lightbox). In the context of this post a Javascript Lightbox is a website feature that brings the chosen content front and center before the user. Javascript lightboxes are all the rage. Most web designers find some use for them on their websites so that they can make effective usage of available pixels, or just plain make their site pop with some... Read More

Spirited Away – Auto Hide Unused Applications

Spirited Away is a sweet little application that helps you manage distractions so that you can remain focused at all times. You’ve been there before, working hard on a project, opening lots of different windows for different applications, and pretty soon you cannot see what you are working on for all the other windows that are hanging around. With Spirited Away you can avoid getting distracted by focusing on the application that you are currently using, and it alone. How does this litte app get this amazing feat done you ask? Spirited Away pays attention to the apps that you are using,... Read More

Browser Blocker WordPress Plugin Released

At long last our latest creation has been made manifest. The Browser Blocker wordpress plugin has been released on an unsuspecting populace. What exactly is the Browser Blocker Plugin you ask? In simple terms it is what it’s name states, it’s a plugin for wordpress that allows the site owner to determine specific versions of various web browsers that they would like to bar from accessing their website. Why would someone want to ban users from coming to their website and partaking of their web goodness? With so many different browser versions traipsing around the interwebs at... Read More

CSS3 Gradients Made Easy

Gradients are used virtually everywhere to improve the overal look and feel of most designs and applications. But up until recently these great graphical niceties on the web always had to be represented by a small or large graphic file, which depending on the skill of the designer/developer could add significant bloat to a website. On to the scene enters CSS3 with many new features that (when properly utilized by compliant web browsers)  make the seemingly simple websites come alive. One of my favorite new features is the CSS Gradient. Now rather than adding bloat to a site with multiple... Read More

Clear your Mac’s DNS Cache

If you are like me, working with websites and servers on a regular basis. Then you know that when you change DNS settings it can sometimes be a tough deal, because the DNS settings are cached on your computer. Well rather than being frustrated, and annoyed as you wait for the your cache to timeout and be refreshed, just force the cache to be cleared so that you can continue with the business that you have awaiting your magic touch. Depending on the age of your mac there are two different ways to accomplish this: Leopard and Above (OSX 10.5 and higher) : dscacheutil – flushcache Tiger... Read More

WordPress Rocks!

I have been increasingly impressed, over the last couple of years, of the overall utility that WordPress provides for website developers. When I first started to use it, I only accessed the basic layer of usefulness, and used it as a backend for my blog. But it has proven itself to be robust enough to be easily used as a CMS for individuals and Small/Medium Businesses that want an interactive website but don’t have the time/budget to get something completely custom created for them. On the other side of the spectrum, as a developer WordPress can also make my job much easier by giving me... Read More

Css Message Boxes

When working with Dynamic Site Development, it is often necessary to give the client some kind of message to inform them that their action has been either successful or not successful or not so good or…you get the picture. I have used several different methods of dealing with this over the years. but I just found this tutorial that has a quick lightweight nice solution to attractively solve this problem. Check it out Css Message... Read More

Using your Footer

I recently came across an article online, that talked about and showed many examples of using the space in your web pages footer more effectively. Wow talk about insighteful, and the examples on the site give you a great feel for what some other web developers/designers are using there footers for. Elements of... Read More


I have been working on a project with a couple of partners, to hopefully create a little additional security for individuals. The problem that we analyzed is that when people get Insurance, or create a family trust, they are told to document all of their assets. Take photos or video of the items in their home and then store them. Usually the only time that that documentation is used is in the event of a disaster, ie: The Wild Fires in California, or Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. If that documentation (pictures/video) are stored like most people store them they will either be a molten pile... Read More

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