New WordPress Plugin: Today in History Widget

It’s here folks… the long awaited Today in History Widget WordPress Plugin. Ok so the only person that I know of to be “long awaiting” this plugin is myself. I’ve had it on the drawing board for over a year now. I worked on a commercial project a few years back that built and utilized a database of events throughout history to display “Today in History” results. That venture slowly went belly-up so here I was with this database of Tens of Thousands of events that had been so painstakingly added to this database, so what could I do with them. Well... Read More

Bugfix Release for Social Crowd

I know, I know the last three or four posts have been about updates to our Social Crowd wordpress plugin… Don’t worry there will be more of them as we have been pretty active in it’s development over the last several days/weeks. This release fixes a minor bug in the plugin’s admin UI as well as providing some additional functionality to address some confusion. The confusion being caused because the Profile ID fields for each social network were built to receive the actual Profile ID or Unique Identifier for the given social network. The example under each field showed... Read More

Reggy – On the Fly Regular Expression (Regex) Testing

I know what you’re thinking, why should I care about Regular Expressions? I failed in math and don’t like Simple or Advance expressions, so why would I care about regular ones? Well now is your chance to learn something, and it doesn’t really have anything that you will recognize that deals with math… well maybe. Anyhoo, Regular Expressions or Regex for short, are snippets of symbols that represent the type of content you would like to find within a given body of text or string. They can be very handy, and are extremely useful for┬ádevelopers┬áthat are trying to parse... Read More

Timeless Blog Content

WordPress 3.3 has just recently been released, and with that release comes the ability to make your content a little more… timeless. For years the basic permalink structure on wordpress contained the year and month, or possibly even the day of your blog posts. But not all blog posts are time dependent. Unless you are a News organization or have a very specific reason for having information on your site that is specifically tied to a date, you probably don’t want your information to be tied to a date. And research shows that when people see dates in urls on google or other search... Read More

Spirited Away – Auto Hide Unused Applications

Spirited Away is a sweet little application that helps you manage distractions so that you can remain focused at all times. You’ve been there before, working hard on a project, opening lots of different windows for different applications, and pretty soon you cannot see what you are working on for all the other windows that are hanging around. With Spirited Away you can avoid getting distracted by focusing on the application that you are currently using, and it alone. How does this litte app get this amazing feat done you ask? Spirited Away pays attention to the apps that you are using,... Read More

Clear your Mac’s DNS Cache

If you are like me, working with websites and servers on a regular basis. Then you know that when you change DNS settings it can sometimes be a tough deal, because the DNS settings are cached on your computer. Well rather than being frustrated, and annoyed as you wait for the your cache to timeout and be refreshed, just force the cache to be cleared so that you can continue with the business that you have awaiting your magic touch. Depending on the age of your mac there are two different ways to accomplish this: Leopard and Above (OSX 10.5 and higher) : dscacheutil – flushcache Tiger... Read More

SQLEditor – Making Life Easier for Developers

If you are like me, you have spent many many hours creating database layouts on legal pads, notebooks, and whiteboards, only to have to recreate the layout again to actually create the layout in the database. This process can consume many hours of additional time in a development project. But thanks to Malcom Hardie we can streamline our SQL database creation process with the use of SQLEditor. SQLEditor provides the best interface that I have seen to create your database layout in a very visual format. It allows you to build your tables specifying the column types, linking with foreign keys,... Read More

Textmate: The Missing Editor for OSX

Every developer knows how important it is to have the right tools. And by having the right tools I mean a text editor. Because ultimately that is all most developers really require to get things done, Developers have been doing it for well over a half century and although the languages and methods for execution have changed, much has remained the same. For those who are fortunate enough to find themselves doing development on the mac platform, there is an alternative, which although it may not be the newest game on the block, it is one of the best all around. Sissy FauxVelopers need not apply... Read More

Development Reference

Developers of all kinds that are hunting for a quick and easy way to look up documentation for their coding projects can now be appeased. I just ran across a Development Resource which seems to be a pretty good solution for hunting for development documentation or resources. Go Check it out. Read More

New Iphone and SDK

Apples WWDC 2008 kicked off this week in San Francisco with a bang. Unveiling their new 3G iPhone with an upgraded look and a few new features was pretty cool. But not nearly as cool as the new SDK for the iPhone. The new SDK promises to provide a rich development interface for rapid development on the iPhone. Personally after watching the Keynote I cannot wait to dive in and see what can be created using this new development platform. Check out the New iPhone Check out the iPhone... Read More

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