WordPress Security Services

Wordpress Security ServicesWhen you run a wordpress based website it is important to have WordPress Security Services to protect your site. Every day numerous sites across the web are victims of Malware Injection and Website Hacks. Stopbadware.org reports that there are  sites on the internet that are currently compromised by malware. Sites found to contain malware can be blocked until they perform some sort of Malware Recovery.

You don’t want this to happen to your site, So how do you prevent it?

We specialize in providing quick and effective WordPress Security Services. These services include malware recovery, and hack prevention for WordPress. By specializing in malware removals and successfully protecting WordPress based sites, we know we can help you recover from and prevent future malware attacks.

WordPress sites have become the backbone of new websites and CMS systems. With a vast number of plugins, the chance of having a security hole in one is almost inevitable.

What WordPress Security Services does Macnative provide?

We provide a comprehensive malware recovery and wordpress security services package that has the following features.

  • 30 days of Off Site Redundant Backups of your site
  • Proactive monitoringof
    • Updates for WordPress and Plugins
    • Security Holes in WordPress or your Custom Website
    • Security Compromise (Malware Injection or Malicious Code on your site)
  • Perform updatesto WordPress or Website
    • Update WordPress or other Site CMS System
    • Update Plugins as necessary
    • Verify that site updates have not broken your site
  • Perform security fixes that may be necessary (removing Malware or Malicious Code)

Please Contact Us with any questions that you may have concerning WordPress Security Services, Malware Recovery, or how we Protect WordPress.

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How does a Site Get Compromised?

Malware is always trying to infect other computers. Every day websites across the web are getting scanned for vulnerabilities. When a security hole is discovered, the malware exploits it and the website starts spreading malware to it’s unsuspecting visitors.

Google and other services check for malware while they index your site. If Google finds malware they display warnings to potential visitors. These warnings may drive your clients away from your site, reduce your traffic, and could stop your online business or blog in it’s tracks.