Available Stats

Below are the different statistics that can be displayed by the Social Crowd Plugin. Follow the instructions below to access the appropriate information sets for the stats that you want to display.

The available stats are listed in the following order:
Type of statistic (‘keyword‘), use the keyowrd in the Social Crowd function to retrieve the desired content.

  • Feedburner subscriber count (‘feedburner‘) Number of subscribers to your feed.
  • Facebook Friend/Like Count (‘ facebook‘) Number of friends or page likes.
  • Twitter Follower Count (‘ twitter‘) Number of followers.
  • Twitter Friend Count (‘ twitterFriends‘) Number of Friends you have.
  • Twitter Statuses Count (‘ twitterStatuse‘) Number of status updates you have sent.
  • Twitter Listed Count (‘ twitterListed‘) Number of lists you have been added to.
  • Youtube Friend Count (‘ youtube‘) Number of friends on Youtube.
  • Youtube Subscriber Count (‘ youtubeSubscribers‘) Number of Youtube subscribers.
  • Youtube Viewed Count (‘ youtubeViews‘) Number of videos you have viewed.
  • Youtube Uploaded Views Count (‘ youtubeUploadViews‘) Number of views your uploaded videos have had on Youtube.
  • Vimeo Friend Count (‘ vimeo‘) Number of friends you have on Vimeo.
  • Vimeo Uploads Count (‘ vimeoUploads‘) Number of videos you have uploaded to Vimeo.
  • Vimeo Appears In Count (‘ vimeoAppearsIn‘) Number of videos you appear in on Vimeo.
  • Vimeo Likes Count (‘ vimeoLike‘) Number of videos that you have liked on Vimeo.
  • Google+ Your Circles Count (‘gplusCircles‘) Number of people that you have in your circles.
  • Google+ Others Circles Count (‘gplusInCircles‘) Number of people that have you in their circles.
  • Linked In Connections Count (‘linkedIn‘) Number of Connections.

I hope to expand this list to include your favorites ( just leave me some comments on the Plugin Homepage).