WordPress Plugins – Top 10 Best for Social Media

WordPress Plugins are very important for the extensibility of your wordpress install. Many WordPress Plugins exist that allow you to tie into different Social Networks around the web. With social media being the rage of theĀ inter-webs, it seems like more and more conversations are happening completely online with little or no analog relationships between people. And with those digital relationships, the ability to share interesting content with your “network” has become absolutely necessary for many individuals and businesses. So while using wordpress you probably want your... Read More

WordPress Plugins – The Top 3 for Website Caching

WordPress Plugins to speed up your website are essential. Lets face it we all want to have a lightning fast website. If our site visitors have to wait for more than just a couple of seconds there is a good chance that they have lost their patience and have moved on to another site… causing you to loose exposure and revenue. Finding the right WordPress Plugin for website caching can be an especially difficult issue Since wordpress is a completely dynamic content management system (CMS)/blogging platform. Every time a visitor comes to your website, the contents have to be loaded,... Read More

New WordPress Plugin: Today in History Widget

It’s here folks… the long awaited Today in History Widget WordPress Plugin. Ok so the only person that I know of to be “long awaiting” this plugin is myself. I’ve had it on the drawing board for over a year now. I worked on a commercial project a few years back that built and utilized a database of events throughout history to display “Today in History” results. That venture slowly went belly-up so here I was with this database of Tens of Thousands of events that had been so painstakingly added to this database, so what could I do with them. Well... Read More

Bugfix Release for Social Crowd

I know, I know the last three or four posts have been about updates to our Social Crowd wordpress plugin… Don’t worry there will be more of them as we have been pretty active in it’s development over the last several days/weeks. This release fixes a minor bug in the plugin’s admin UI as well as providing some additional functionality to address some confusion. The confusion being caused because the Profile ID fields for each social network were built to receive the actual Profile ID or Unique Identifier for the given social network. The example under each field showed... Read More

Social Crowd gets some More Updates

On the heels of a major Social Crowd plugin update last week we have a new release to increase the capabilities of this remarkable little plugin. One of the most frequently requested networks for addition to Social Crowd, was the Linked In Business Social Network. And after reviewing copious amounts of documentation we found an easy way to add support for that network. So that’s about it folks, you can now show off the number of Connections that you have made with the Linked In Network right on your WordPress homepage or sidebar. But we should note that the nature of this addition... Read More

Many New Features for Social Crowd

On the heels of the maintanance release of our Browser Blocker Plugin, we announce the major and long awaited update to our Social Crowd plugin. After many months and numerous requests from Social Crowd users, we have worked hard to make this amazing plugin even easier to use for everyone out there. When we initially designed this plugin it was aimed at theme designers or advanced developers that would integrate the social crowd stats into their designs, so it came with no default styling or graphics. But after several emails from clients it was apparent that there were many users that... Read More

New Version of Browser Blocker Released

After several emails and comments from users wondering how to easily clear out the options in the plugin, we have added a Clear Options button in both the Simple and Advanced control interfaces. This should allow any users that are experiencing issues with the plugin to easily clear out the settings and start from scratch. Additionally some comments and FAQ’s were added to the Readme file that should help with the usage of the Browser Blocker Plugin. Have fun, and enjoy blocking browsers. Download Browser Blocker Get Additional... Read More

Timeless Blog Content

WordPress 3.3 has just recently been released, and with that release comes the ability to make your content a little more… timeless. For years the basic permalink structure on wordpress contained the year and month, or possibly even the day of your blog posts. But not all blog posts are time dependent. Unless you are a News organization or have a very specific reason for having information on your site that is specifically tied to a date, you probably don’t want your information to be tied to a date. And research shows that when people see dates in urls on google or other search... Read More

Browser Blocker Update – Version 0.2

Based on some user requests we made some quick changes to our Browser Blocker Plugin. Bugfix: There was a bug in the 0.1 release, where many times when you would submit changes from the Advanced Settings page, it would display an error message even though the changes were submitted correctly. Added Feature: One request was to provide the option to remove/restrict the options that were displayed on the splash screen, for users of offending browsers to click on and download the newly selected browser to their computer. This feature has now been added so you can select the download options that... Read More

Social Crowd Plugin gets a new look

With big changes underway for our Social Crowd plugin, we thought it would be appropriate to offer a sneek peek at some of the changes by showing off it’s shiny new icon, which has now been integrated throughout the site. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch version 0.3, with access to more statistics and an easy to use short code for quick posting and stat... Read More

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