Mac OSX Apps – My Top 10 Favorite I Use Everyday

Mac OSX Apps are a part of my daily life as they are for all Mac users. But not all Mac OSX Apps are equal, some perform better, some are more useful than others, and some are just downright amazing. In this post I hope to share the Mac OSX Apps that I have found to be the most helpful, useful, and effective. Or in other words I hope to share my favorite Mac OSX Apps. My Favorite Mac OSX Apps   1: TextMate I have already done a review previously on Textmate. But it is definitely my go to app each day. As a web developer I need to have tools that help me craft code quickly and... Read More

Top 12 Free Icon Search Engine Resources

Whenever I write one of these posts or work on a web dev project. I am always hunting for a free icon that represents the product, project or post that I am working on. This task could be very hard if it were not for these great resources. But be prepared for fits of joy as you access the tools that are now within your reach. These Free Icon Search Engines can help you easily find the design icons that you need for your project. At the same time they readily help you determine what the license details are for each icon. They make it much easier to create license compliant projects than it... Read More

New WordPress Plugin: Today in History Widget

It’s here folks… the long awaited Today in History Widget WordPress Plugin. Ok so the only person that I know of to be “long awaiting” this plugin is myself. I’ve had it on the drawing board for over a year now. I worked on a commercial project a few years back that built and utilized a database of events throughout history to display “Today in History” results. That venture slowly went belly-up so here I was with this database of Tens of Thousands of events that had been so painstakingly added to this database, so what could I do with them. Well... Read More

Social Crowd gets some More Updates

On the heels of a major Social Crowd plugin update last week we have a new release to increase the capabilities of this remarkable little plugin. One of the most frequently requested networks for addition to Social Crowd, was the Linked In Business Social Network. And after reviewing copious amounts of documentation we found an easy way to add support for that network. So that’s about it folks, you can now show off the number of Connections that you have made with the Linked In Network right on your WordPress homepage or sidebar. But we should note that the nature of this addition... Read More

Many New Features for Social Crowd

On the heels of the maintanance release of our Browser Blocker Plugin, we announce the major and long awaited update to our Social Crowd plugin. After many months and numerous requests from Social Crowd users, we have worked hard to make this amazing plugin even easier to use for everyone out there. When we initially designed this plugin it was aimed at theme designers or advanced developers that would integrate the social crowd stats into their designs, so it came with no default styling or graphics. But after several emails from clients it was apparent that there were many users that... Read More

Javascript Lightbox Clone Ultimate Roundup (49+)

When I say Lightbox the word may conjour up many different images in your mind. You may imagine a white highly lit background to photograph objects on. Perhaps even a literal box with a light in it like those pictured to the left (Gus Modern Lightbox). In the context of this post a Javascript Lightbox is a website feature that brings the chosen content front and center before the user. Javascript lightboxes are all the rage. Most web designers find some use for them on their websites so that they can make effective usage of available pixels, or just plain make their site pop with some... Read More

Timeless Blog Content

WordPress 3.3 has just recently been released, and with that release comes the ability to make your content a little more… timeless. For years the basic permalink structure on wordpress contained the year and month, or possibly even the day of your blog posts. But not all blog posts are time dependent. Unless you are a News organization or have a very specific reason for having information on your site that is specifically tied to a date, you probably don’t want your information to be tied to a date. And research shows that when people see dates in urls on google or other search... Read More

Top 9 Lightbox Clones that use the YUI Library

Having a nearly ubiquitous presence around the web, lightboxes are a must have for most websites. But there are so many different flavors that it can be difficult to find the perfect one. In this post we hope to highlight some of the best lightbox scripts available that use Yahoo’s YUI Javascript Library, and list some of their best qualities for your consideration. Hopefully this will help you find what you are looking for. One very interesting item that we discovered about the YUI Lightbox selection was that unlike the other javascript libraries, developers using the YUI library (for... Read More

Top 10 Lightbox Clones that use Mootools

There are two things that are super critical in the web today, those things are first, having a great user experience and second, a superior presentation. Lightboxes are a method that might be the perfect way to add just the right touch and feel to your website, but the trick is finding the right one. Today we hope to highlight some of the best lightbox clones that are currently available for the Mootools Javascript Library, and additionally list some of their best qualities that help them stand out from the Lightbox Herd, so now for your consideration her is our Top 10 Mootools Lightbox... Read More

Browser Blocker Update – Version 0.2

Based on some user requests we made some quick changes to our Browser Blocker Plugin. Bugfix: There was a bug in the 0.1 release, where many times when you would submit changes from the Advanced Settings page, it would display an error message even though the changes were submitted correctly. Added Feature: One request was to provide the option to remove/restrict the options that were displayed on the splash screen, for users of offending browsers to click on and download the newly selected browser to their computer. This feature has now been added so you can select the download options that... Read More

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