Javascript Lightbox Clone Ultimate Roundup (49+)

When I say Lightbox the word may conjour up many different images in your mind. You may imagine a white highly lit background to photograph objects on. Perhaps even a literal box with a light in it like those pictured to the left (Gus Modern Lightbox). In the context of this post a Javascript Lightbox is a website feature that brings the chosen content front and center before the user. Javascript lightboxes are all the rage. Most web designers find some use for them on their websites so that they can make effective usage of available pixels, or just plain make their site pop with some... Read More

Top 10 Lightbox Clones that use Mootools

There are two things that are super critical in the web today, those things are first, having a great user experience and second, a superior presentation. Lightboxes are a method that might be the perfect way to add just the right touch and feel to your website, but the trick is finding the right one. Today we hope to highlight some of the best lightbox clones that are currently available for the Mootools Javascript Library, and additionally list some of their best qualities that help them stand out from the Lightbox Herd, so now for your consideration her is our Top 10 Mootools Lightbox... Read More

Fancify your file upload

There are a ton of tools out there that web developers can use to create dynamic and engaging websites. Every once and a while one tool will stand out above the others in it’s usefulness and design. Fancy Upload is one of those tools. Providing a slick interface and some dynamic classes, Fancy Upload leverages the abilities of the Mootools Javascript library and ties that with some flash integration to create a great solution with an infinate number of uses. Go check it... Read More

Simple E-Commerce

I have worked with many different e-commerce platforms over the years, From very basic to extremely complex. I have recently come across a relatively new e-commerce platform that has got me hooked. FoxyCart has created a great set of e-commerce tools that allow you to easily set up a fully functional online store/shopping cart with very minimal effort. Foxycart offers support for either Paypal payments pro (for credit card payments only at the moment) or some of the more popular payment gateways. as well as support for live shipping rates from Fedex, UPS, etc. All in all, foxycart packs a... Read More

Form Validation

One of my biggest concerns when building a dynamic website is, “How do I validate the users input?” Obviously there are many different ways to do this, you can validate the data on the back end as it receiving script is processing, and send an error, requesting that the user input correct information. Or you can do Front end processing on the data when the form is submitted and through JavaScript tell the user that the data is not correct, or you can validate the data as the client is inputing the information, thus allowing the client to correct the error before continuing on... Read More

Javascript Framework of Choice

My JavaScript framework of choice is MooTools. MooTools is a very compact, useful, and extensible JavaScript framework. I have used it on several sites that I and my codevelopers have created, I have been impressed by how easy the integration is, the speed of development with MooTools is amazing. It doesn’t carry the bloat that similar frameworks carry with them, ie: Prototype. All in all a very exciting platform to work with. I look forward to the enhancements that will be made available with the 1.2 release. Exciting. In later posts I will share and discuss scripts that use/extend the... Read More