Virtualbox – Run Windows on Mac and Linux on Mac for Free

You can do virtually anything on a Mac that you can do with a PC, Office Suites, Photoshop, Programming, Itunes, etc… But every once and a while there is something that comes up that requires a machine running Windows, or possibly even Linux.  And for those infrequent occurrences you can keep a separate computer lying around to use for those random purposes, or you could run some Computer Virtualization Software, so you can run windows on mac and linux on mac. Virtualization has been around for a while and has really driven the quest for putting more and more cores in a single... Read More

The Debate

Working in the IT world and being a Mac user, I am constantly asked the question “Should I get a Mac”? As if there was any question. Today I will briefly share my reasoning with you. When someone asks that question the only right response would be to ask a question in return, “What do you use your computer for”? If they only use their current computer to play old DOS games then they should probably stick with the computer that they have. But if they use windows at all, and still have a pulse, then there is a high probability that they could benefit from switching. With... Read More