How To Kill A Rogue Screen Sharing Login Window

Ok, so you’re using your mac with all it’s apple goodness, and attempt to connect to another computer using the built in ScreenSharing capability. Your computer prompts you for a username and password to authenticate with the remote computer with a neet little login window. You put your login credentials in to the provided boxes and hit “connect”, immediately a little spinning wheel appears along with a “Connecting” message. You wait, and wait, and nothing seems to be happening. You attempt to connect again and you get right in to your screensharing... Read More

Paparazzi! – Website Screenshots that Rock!

Paparazzi! – What a name… hehe. When I first started playing with this app, I thought, what am I doing? Who needs another screenshot application? OS X allows you to take screenshots directly from a keystroke, and there are tons of other apps out there that at least claim to take different types of screenshots. But to say the least I was plesantly surprised with this sweet little freeware mac app. Unlike most of the other screenshot apps or widgets available out in the interwebs, Paparazzi! takes screenshots of websites. The cool thing is that it will take a single screenshot of... Read More

Deeper – Tweak Your Hidden UI Options

Deeper is a relative of Onyx, that we reviewed recently. It is a sweet little application that like it’s older brother Onyx, gives you control of many of the well known or lesser known features of the OS X Graphical User Interface. And like it’s senior sibling, Deeper places all of the options into one simple easy to use interface so that you don’t have to go hunting around your mac to change them all, you can just click the provided checkboxes and select fields to set the values you want to change. Deeper has been around since OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and has seen a new version... Read More

Onyx – Cleanup your Mac

Onyx? you ask. What is it and why should I get it? Well let me explain. Onyx is the Swiss Army Knife of Mac Maintenance Products. I know, I know you mac “Just Works” and rarely has problems, but when it does or as a preemptive measure it is nice to have a tool that will automatically take care of the regular menial tasks so that you can spend your time on real important stuff. And Onyx is just the app to take care of your schwack. Onyx has been around and free since way back in the good ole days of OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), and has released a new version of the software specifically... Read More

Clear your Mac’s DNS Cache

If you are like me, working with websites and servers on a regular basis. Then you know that when you change DNS settings it can sometimes be a tough deal, because the DNS settings are cached on your computer. Well rather than being frustrated, and annoyed as you wait for the your cache to timeout and be refreshed, just force the cache to be cleared so that you can continue with the business that you have awaiting your magic touch. Depending on the age of your mac there are two different ways to accomplish this: Leopard and Above (OSX 10.5 and higher) : dscacheutil – flushcache Tiger... Read More

Top 10 Quicklook Extensions for your Mac

Quicklook is a great little feature that apple added to it’s operating system back when Leopard was released. And if you’re like me, you have used it extensively when you want to preview a photo, movie, or pdf file. But then there are all those other files that don’t seem to be understood by quicklook… And that got me thinking, is there a way to extend the functionality of this amazing little tool in OSX? Here is a sampling of some of the best (and more) quicklook plugins that I came across in my adventures in digital preview land. 1: Brushview My last post was about... Read More

SQLEditor – Making Life Easier for Developers

If you are like me, you have spent many many hours creating database layouts on legal pads, notebooks, and whiteboards, only to have to recreate the layout again to actually create the layout in the database. This process can consume many hours of additional time in a development project. But thanks to Malcom Hardie we can streamline our SQL database creation process with the use of SQLEditor. SQLEditor provides the best interface that I have seen to create your database layout in a very visual format. It allows you to build your tables specifying the column types, linking with foreign keys,... Read More