Reduce your stress with Anxiety

Anxiety is an amazingly small and sophisticated way to track your tasks and keep you from getting too stressed out. The interface is very simple and unobtrusive, but very powerful. Anxiety takes advantage of the iCal backend that is already available in OSX to track and manage the tasks. The upshot of which is that the assigned tasks are also available in iCal, so that you can reference them when planning your Day/Week/Month. Anxiety has an amazing ability of getting out of your hair so that you can do your work. But when you want to add a task or check off a completed task, it is available... Read More

Using your Footer

I recently came across an article online, that talked about and showed many examples of using the space in your web pages footer more effectively. Wow talk about insighteful, and the examples on the site give you a great feel for what some other web developers/designers are using there footers for. Elements of... Read More