GeekTool – Geek Out Your Desktop

GeekTool is a very unique little application, it allows you to take virtually any form of information and display it on your desktop. The default forms of information that GeekTool supports are Files, Images, and Shell Commands. This allows you to display the realtime information from any file on your Mac, like Log Files or maybe a ToDo list and similar files. With the Image Plugin you can display any image from your computer or from a URL out on the internet. And with the Shell command, you guessed it, you can display any information that you can Script, AUK and/or GREP from your command... Read More

Xee – Super Fast Image Browsing

I don’t know if a piece of software can have a less descriptive name than Xee. Other than the fact that its name rhymes with Glee, which is the emotion that is evoked when I actually use it, I haven’t been able to figure out what the connection is. But regardless this little OpenSource application has increased my productivity in a major way. If’ you are a graphic designer or web developer like myself I am sure you have found yourself going through¬†bucket loads¬†of stock photography hunting for just the right image for your project. Although the typical use of viewing... Read More