Top 12 Free Icon Search Engine Resources

Whenever I write one of these posts or work on a web dev project. I am always hunting for a free icon that represents the product, project or post that I am working on. This task could be very hard if it were not for these great resources. But be prepared for fits of joy as you access the tools that are now within your reach. These Free Icon Search Engines can help you easily find the design icons that you need for your project. At the same time they readily help you determine what the license details are for each icon. They make it much easier to create license compliant projects than it... Read More

GeekTool – Geek Out Your Desktop

GeekTool is a very unique little application, it allows you to take virtually any form of information and display it on your desktop. The default forms of information that GeekTool supports are Files, Images, and Shell Commands. This allows you to display the realtime information from any file on your Mac, like Log Files or maybe a ToDo list and similar files. With the Image Plugin you can display any image from your computer or from a URL out on the internet. And with the Shell command, you guessed it, you can display any information that you can Script, AUK and/or GREP from your command... Read More

Social Crowd Plugin gets a new look

With big changes underway for our Social Crowd plugin, we thought it would be appropriate to offer a sneek peek at some of the changes by showing off it’s shiny new icon, which has now been integrated throughout the site. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch version 0.3, with access to more statistics and an easy to use short code for quick posting and stat... Read More

CSS3 Gradients Made Easy

Gradients are used virtually everywhere to improve the overal look and feel of most designs and applications. But up until recently these great graphical niceties on the web always had to be represented by a small or large graphic file, which depending on the skill of the designer/developer could add significant bloat to a website. On to the scene enters CSS3 with many new features that (when properly utilized by compliant web browsers)  make the seemingly simple websites come alive. One of my favorite new features is the CSS Gradient. Now rather than adding bloat to a site with multiple... Read More

Preview your Photoshop Brushes with QuickLook

If you are like me, you have spent hours working on design projects, and have acquired a nice library of resources that you will continue to use on future design projects. One of those resources (in my case at least) is a significant number of Photoshop Brushes to add accents and textures to my designs. And a bit thank you to the many individuals that have created them and provided them for download. My biggest frustration with Photoshop Brushes was the fact that if I didn’t keep them loaded up in Photoshop, then it became virtually impossible to find the ones that I wanted to use for... Read More

Xee – Super Fast Image Browsing

I don’t know if a piece of software can have a less descriptive name than Xee. Other than the fact that its name rhymes with Glee, which is the emotion that is evoked when I actually use it, I haven’t been able to figure out what the connection is. But regardless this little OpenSource application has increased my productivity in a major way. If’ you are a graphic designer or web developer like myself I am sure you have found yourself going through bucket loads of stock photography hunting for just the right image for your project. Although the typical use of viewing... Read More

Css Message Boxes

When working with Dynamic Site Development, it is often necessary to give the client some kind of message to inform them that their action has been either successful or not successful or not so good or…you get the picture. I have used several different methods of dealing with this over the years. but I just found this tutorial that has a quick lightweight nice solution to attractively solve this problem. Check it out Css Message... Read More

Using your Footer

I recently came across an article online, that talked about and showed many examples of using the space in your web pages footer more effectively. Wow talk about insighteful, and the examples on the site give you a great feel for what some other web developers/designers are using there footers for. Elements of... Read More