New Version of Browser Blocker Released

After several emails and comments from users wondering how to easily clear out the options in the plugin, we have added a Clear Options button in both the Simple and Advanced control interfaces. This should allow any users that are experiencing issues with the plugin to easily clear out the settings and start from scratch. Additionally some comments and FAQ’s were added to the Readme file that should help with the usage of the Browser Blocker Plugin. Have fun, and enjoy blocking browsers. Download Browser Blocker Get Additional... Read More

Browser Blocker Update – Version 0.2

Based on some user requests we made some quick changes to our Browser Blocker Plugin. Bugfix: There was a bug in the 0.1 release, where many times when you would submit changes from the Advanced Settings page, it would display an error message even though the changes were submitted correctly. Added Feature: One request was to provide the option to remove/restrict the options that were displayed on the splash screen, for users of offending browsers to click on and download the newly selected browser to their computer. This feature has now been added so you can select the download options that... Read More

Browser Blocker WordPress Plugin Released

At long last our latest creation has been made manifest. The Browser Blocker wordpress plugin has been released on an unsuspecting populace. What exactly is the Browser Blocker Plugin you ask? In simple terms it is what it’s name states, it’s a plugin for wordpress that allows the site owner to determine specific versions of various web browsers that they would like to bar from accessing their website. Why would someone want to ban users from coming to their website and partaking of their web goodness? With so many different browser versionsĀ traipsingĀ around the interwebs at... Read More