Basic Usage

After setting up the options on the ‘Social Crowd Options’ page in the wordpress administrator (setting the Social Networks that you want to collect stats from), you can go to the Widgets manager and enable the ‘Social Crowd’ widget. This widget will automatically display the networks that you have selected on the options page, with some limited customizability, and you are good to go.

Intermediate Usage

After configuring the options as indicated in the ‘basic usage’ above, you can enable the ‘Social Crowd Advanced’ widget in the widget administrator. This widget gives you the ability to specifically select the networks that you want to display in the widget area, and also allows you to customize the text that is displayed with the stats.

Additionally there is a shortcode that allows you to access the stats and output them throughout your posts and pages.
The shortcode is used as follows:

where network is the social network that you want to display stats for ie: ‘facebook’, ‘twitter’, etc… or any of the available stats listed in the Available Stats list. If you do not include a ‘type’ of network in the shortcode it will return your facebook stat count by default.

Advanced (Designer/Developer) Usage

The Social Crowd Plugin provides function calls that you can use throughout your theme files to better promote your or your clients social networks. The function documentation is as follows.

The function that you will call is:
You have two options:

  • Calling the function with a specific network:
    1. Place the function wherever you want the data to be displayed.
    2. Call the function with a specific network name (all lowercase):
      • SocialCrowd_Stats(‘facebook’)
      • SocialCrowd_Stats(‘twitter’)
      • SocialCrowd_Stats(‘youtube’)
      • etc…
    3. Function will echo out the requested Network Stats.
  • Calling the function without a specific network:
    1. Place the function anywhere you want.
    2. Call the function with no options.
      $stats = SocialCrowd_Stats()
    3. The function will return an array with the stats for all your networks.
    4. The array is an associative array that you can you can access like so:
      • $stats[‘facebook’]
      • $stats[‘twitter’]
      • $stats[‘youtube’]
      • etc…