Social Crowd

Social Crowd - The Premier Social Networking Stats WordPress PluginThe Social Crowd WordPress Plugin grabs the latest counts of your Friends/Fans/Followers etc from your Favorite Social Networks and then outputs them in raw form for you to use them as you wish. The counts that are returned come raw and without styling, so you can make them look and feel like your website. It is the perfect solution to encourage more users to join your network.


This plugin REQUIRES the PHP Curl Module in order to function. Please make sure it is installed.

Currently Supported Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Google+ (Beta Support)
  • Twitter
  • Linked In (Beta Support)
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Feedburner

I hope to expand this list to include your favorites ( just leave me some comments on this page or from my contact form ).

A big thanks to DeviantArt’s jwloh for creating the Icon Set that is used in the plugin’s Administrator, You can check out his work at