Browser Blocker

Browser Blocker - Block the Browsers that cause you HeartburnThe Browser Blocker Plugin puts the power in your hands to control what browsers(versions) can access your website content and which ones cannot. For the browsers(versions) that you block, the user has control over the splash screen that their clients receive. There is a “simple” mode for those who just want to block some browsers with the default settings, and there is an “advanced” mode for those who want to have a little more control over what is displayed to their clients.

This plugin utilizes the Browser detection library that was built by Chris Schuld A big thanks to him for his major contribution.

A big thanks to for creating the Web Browsers Icon Set that is used with the plugin. See more of their icons…

Another big thanks to Yuske Kamiyamane for the use of many of his Fugue Icon set icons throughout the Plugins Administrator, Please visit his website.