Textmate: The Missing Editor for OSX

Every developer knows how important it is to have the right tools. And by having the right tools I mean a text editor. Because ultimately that is all most developers really require to get things done, Developers have been doing it for well over a half century and although the languages and methods for execution have changed, much has remained the same. For those who are fortunate enough to find themselves doing development on the mac platform, there is an alternative, which although it may not be the newest game on the block, it is one of the best all around. Sissy FauxVelopers need not apply... Read More

Css Message Boxes

When working with Dynamic Site Development, it is often necessary to give the client some kind of message to inform them that their action has been either successful or not successful or not so good or…you get the picture. I have used several different methods of dealing with this over the years. but I just found this tutorial that has a quick lightweight nice solution to attractively solve this problem. Check it out Css Message... Read More