Top 10 Quicklook Extensions for your Mac

Quicklook is a great little feature that apple added to it’s operating system back when Leopard was released. And if you’re like me, you have used it extensively when you want to preview a photo, movie, or pdf file. But then there are all those other files that don’t seem to be understood by quicklook… And that got me thinking, is there a way to extend the functionality of this amazing little tool in OSX? Here is a sampling of some of the best (and more) quicklook plugins that I came across in my adventures in digital preview land. 1: Brushview My last post was about... Read More

Preview your Photoshop Brushes with QuickLook

If you are like me, you have spent hours working on design projects, and have acquired a nice library of resources that you will continue to use on future design projects. One of those resources (in my case at least) is a significant number of Photoshop Brushes to add accents and textures to my designs. And a bit thank you to the many individuals that have created them and provided them for download. My biggest frustration with Photoshop Brushes was the fact that if I didn’t keep them loaded up in Photoshop, then it became virtually impossible to find the ones that I wanted to use for... Read More

Meteo: The Weather Man Without the Man

Let me take a moment to introduce you to a sweet new FREE app the I just recently found. Meteo (short for Meteorologist) came to my rescue after a bout with the memory hogging Dashboard Weather widgets. It just seemed like they would never give up, always seeking for a new way to take up my ram at all hazard. After complaining about how much memory Dashboard was using I found some references online to the weather widgets being the biggest culprits, so I set off on a mission to find a solution to my problem. Turns out my solution was Meteo. Not only does Meteo have some amazing features and... Read More

Xee – Super Fast Image Browsing

I don’t know if a piece of software can have a less descriptive name than Xee. Other than the fact that its name rhymes with Glee, which is the emotion that is evoked when I actually use it, I haven’t been able to figure out what the connection is. But regardless this little OpenSource application has increased my productivity in a major way. If’ you are a graphic designer or web developer like myself I am sure you have found yourself going through bucket loads of stock photography hunting for just the right image for your project. Although the typical use of viewing... Read More

Putting the Joy back in FTP with Cyberduck

It may have a funny name, but this little app packs a big resourceful punch. Cyberduck is an amazing piece of software, initially setting the stage for superb FTP access and file manipulation, but it doesn’t stop there. Cyberduck has a vast array of different protocols that it supports, allowing you to connect to virtually any location and transfer/manipulate files on the remote location. Here is a short list of protocols that it supports: FTP SFTP WebDav Cloudfiles Google Docs Amazon s3 to name a few. It’s interface is sleek and simple, providing for a seamless user... Read More

Tweet Like a Pro with Canary

The internet is alive with tweets on Twitter from people of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. This micro-blogging phenomenon seems to be an all consuming past time for some people. Even I find myself hungering for the opportunity to send out a nice little 140 character or less message about what I have gotten myself up to. But then I find myself with a little bit of a conundrum, What is the best way to share all those little bits of wisdom with my friends, and stay up to date with what they are all doing? If you find yourself with the same problem then look no further! Canary is an... Read More

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